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Me and Nike decided to shoot something a little bit more glam using my prom dress and this is the result. I absolutely adore the photos. We shot this in a hotel lobby and a cafe next to it – thank f*ck I don’t get nervous when we shoot in crowded places anymore because it was filled with people. I really felt like a movies star or someone important wearing this gorgeous dress by Solace London. I hope you love the photos as much as I do.
Psst: Scroll down for a video!

On another note:
As you may have noticed I stopped posting as much as I used to. I like to work on special projects with good photographers that I’m comfortable with and that get me. I don’t like pushing discount codes on you and I don’t choose to collaborate with companies that I don’t support a 100%. Everyone likes receiving free stuff and I just can’t stand seeing all of those bloggers accepting every offer they get and promote everything they can get for free. 

I’ve screwed up in the past by collaborating with a company that I knew nothing about and it all ended up being a giant pain in the ass but I was bound by a contract to do it or pay for all of the products that I received (which wasn’t a small amount). I get such ridiculous offers asking me for example; to promote their product without actually receiving it or write me an exact photo caption which shouldn’t be altered in any way but should only be copied, pasted and published – like?? 
In our country you can be lucky if you’re even contacted by a company as they seem to only work with the most known bloggers in Slovenia and if you want to negotiate a bit you’re instantly turned down. I had companies ask me to write multiple blogpost about their product and also share it on my social media without receiving any payment but only their product which wasn’t even worth posting about. You rarely even get the chance to test out the product, they just want to send it to you for you to write and post about it whether you like it or not. I don’t understand why these companies even choose to collaborate with bloggers if all they’re getting is a post that reads like a commercial and the bloggers just lose their credibility. 
I’m sorry for the rant but I had to get it out because I don’t want to become a money hungry influencer. I started this for fun, because I loved taking pictures, writing reviews and styling my outfits but then I got lost and wanted to drop it all. I enjoyed making videos as well but I didn’t get much feedback at all so I stopped. Maybe I wasn’t pushy enough with my content but to be honest I don’t want to be. I don’t do it for the views or for the money – I get absolutely nothing from my posts (besides for some products which are always disclaimed). I do it for fun and I want to keep doing it. I want people to read my blog and watch my videos because they truly enjoy it. 
That’s why I can’t promise you a post every week because I don’t have the time to shoot a project that I’m really passionate about every week. I go to college and I have a job, I’m a normal person just like you. 
Thank you for reading my little rant. x 
T H E   O U T F I T

Aeryn Maxi Dress – Solace London 
Black croc embossed patent court shoes – MASS Slovenia 
similar *here*
Earrings – H&M
P H O T O G R A P H Y 
Nike Koležnik
L O C A T I O N 

Hotel Slon
Kavarna Zvezda v Hotelu Slon

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