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top lipsticks 2022

In today’s post I’ll go over some of the top lipstick products of all times. From popular Tiktok products to all time classics, here is the complete list.

Lipsticks in a tube

The most popular and classic lipstick product is definitely lipstick in a tube. It’s been around since 1911, almost a 100 years after the lipstick in a cream form was first made. The first color was of course red, the classic. Now we are blessed with a million, billion different shades and textures, which can make it a bit intimidating to find the right shade for you. Here is the list of the top lipsticks.

MAC Cosmetics

best lipstick 2022
Mac lipstick

The classic makeup brand that was huge back when the beauty community and beauty youtubers were staring out. It became a makeup industry classic, everyone knows and adores MAC. Some of the most popular shades are Russian red, Velvet Teddy, Whirl and Sin.


Another cult classic lipstick brand, I remember how back in the golden youtube days every youtuber owned a huge collection of the YSL Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine lipstick. Aside from that, there’s also the classic Rouge pur Couture.


You can’t mention lipsticks without L’oreal. They have many different options to choose from, but the most popular is definitely Color Riche, which comes in many different finishes – from matte to ultra shiny.

Liquid lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks gained popularity a few years ago, when everyone wore dark, matte shades in autumn. They come in many other finished too of course, and here are some of the most popular ones.

Maybelline SuperStay

This one took the beauty community by the storm when it first came out. It’s a very long lasting and non smudge liquid lipstick that comes in many different colors, from brights, reds to neutrals, and many different finishes as well.

MAC Cosmetics Retro

Another classic that comes in lots of different colors and finishes. A great and reliable staple for your makeup collection.

NYX Lip Lingerie

This lipstick was everywhere when it came out, with Ruffle Trim being the most popular shade. It’s a matte finish so it’s not as popular these days, but the nude shades are really nice so it’s worth checking it out.

YSL Tatouage Couture

best lipstick 2022
YSL Liquid Lip

My current personal favorite choice when it comes to liquid lips because it’s not too creamy, but not matte as well. It has a gorgeous shade range as well, my favorite shade is Nude Sedition.

That’s all for todays post, read more makeup related posts here and talk to you next time x


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