Boyfriend jeans

Another week has come to an end. Time really seems to be flying by with the speed of light these days. It still feels like I’m in the beginning of my first year of college even though it’s soon to be over. I don’t hate it don’t get me wrong but it just feels like everything is changing so fast. I’ve changed a lot since I started college, my relationship with my boyfriend and my parents improved so much. I guess I just needed a break from the same old routine (and from math, too) I had back in my hometown so I could work on myself and be happier. Still there are days when I just want to quit college and stay inside for the whole eternity-mainly because I’m a big procrastinator and I wait till last minute to get something done. But I’m happier and I feel much better as well. I try to eat healthier, I try to workout as often as I can and I try to do all of the work for college asap and not leave it till the last minute. Ugh, I can’t wait for summer tho! 

I know I promised you guys a Primark haul but I just haven’t got around to filming it (I mean I tried but I just didn’t like it) so I don’t know if that’s still coming or not but I can promise you to film another makeup tutorial soon. Or two. Anyways, let’s get to the outfit:
The long cardigan is from Primark and it’s so comfy and flattering-and this color, oh my! I think I’m obsessed with pink. Basically if it’s not pink I don’t want it. It just feels so appropriate to wear pink in the spring when everything is blooming and the sun is finally coming out to play again.
These jeans are indeed “boyfriend jeans”. Like literally. My boyfriend let me wear them for this shoot but I managed to get some similar ones in New Yorker and I may show them on my blog soon. This shape just suits me so well and it’s much more comfortable than my regular skinny jeans which are super tight around my waist-meaning I have to unbutton them as soon as I eat something.
The crop top is from ZARA I believe? It’s just my go to for warm summer days and it goes with just about everything.
These platform sneakers are a must have as well-originally I wanted to buy the Adidas Superstar but I just thought why pay so much for some white shoes that get dirty anyways (+ I was too broke to afford them haha). They go with every outfit and they add that little something something to the whole look. The only downside is that it’s really hard to skate with them because of the platform.
Oh, I almost forgot about this belt! It’s from Primark as well and I wanted it so much since it’s all over Instagram and it looks so good with jeans.
That’s it for today’s post, make sure to check back next Sunday!
T H E    O U T F I T 
Long Pink Cardigan – Primark
Basic White Crop Top – ZARA
Jeans – ZARA Men
White Platform Sneakers – H&M
Belt – Primark
Sunglasses – Primark
Choker – Primark
Thank you for reading x

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