Candles 101 | How to pick the right candle for your home

In this post I will be talking about how to pick the right candle scent to elevate your home’s ambiance. If. you’re someone like me, that’s sensitive to smells and loves perfumes and other kind of fragrances, this post is for you!

Different types of candles

There are many different kinds of candles on the market today, from different shapes, sizes and wax types. It might me overwhelming when you’re trying to chose a candle for the first time, as they can be quite expensive. Here is a little rundown on different types of candles.

Candle sizes

There are so many different sizes and shapes of candles, but I will focus on the most popular ones.

Tea lights

Tea Light Candles

Normally the cheapest option and great if you’re trying to see how you like the scent. They’re great for decoration as you can put them in different candle holders and create a subtle, warm atmosphere.

Stick Candles or Pillars

Pillar Candles

These candles are great for decorating, as you can choose from different sizes and shapes. You can create wonderful centre pieces with them, or just place them around your house to create a warm atmosphere.

Glass Candles

Glass Candles

These are probably the most popular ones, as they normally have many different unique packaging options you can chose from. It depends on the brand, but they normally have different collections of different packaging aesthetics and scents that go great together.

Wax Types

Aside from the sizes and shapes, there’s also different wax types. This is important information, as different wax burns differently and also smells differently. I already wrote a post about different types and which are better for your health, but I’ll sum it up here.

The most popular and widely sold candle options are are paraffin, soy, palm and beeswax candles. Paraffin was widely used in the past, but is slowly being replaced with other, safer options, as the smoke from paraffin candles releases toxins and can cause skin and eye irritation and lung problems if burned regularly. Other types of wax have clearer smoke, burn longer and also don’t release toxins into your air, so that’s worth the extra buck you normally have to pay for them.

Special Candles

Another type of candles that I just have to mention is the Woodwick candles. Just like the name says, instead of the classic wick, these candles come with a wood wick. The special thing about it is that when the candle burns, the wood wick makes a soothing sound, similar to the logs burning in the fireplace. A truly unique way to make a cozy environment if you don’t have a fireplace.

Candle Scents

Scented candles

As everyone’s taste and smell is different, it’s hard to generalise the scented candles and tell you which you will like and which you won’t. It’s similar to perfumes, some prefer strong scents, other just subtle ones. I suggest you try out the smell first before ordering the biggest possible size of a candle, and if you’re like me and like to switch it up from time to time, buy multiple medium sized candles rather than the biggest ones because you probably won’t burn them all. Candle scents can make such a different if you choose the right ones, they really elevate the ambiance. I still remember the candle my landlord gave me in my apartment in Spain, and every time I smell that scent I’m reminded of my time in Malaga.

That’s all for today’s post, you can read more of my candle blogpost here and see you next time x


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