I decided to post this casual outfit because it really represents what I normally wear on daily basis. I started wearing jeans again and it’s finally warm enough for crop tops.

I got these jeans on a sale a while ago when me and my old friend decided to go to Ljubljana in the beginning of spring to buy some clothes on sales. We got some amazing deals – I got these jeans for 10 euros and my burgundy fur jacket for 30. It was the very first time I went to Ljubljana on my own. We spent most of the day shopping but we stopped in the city center and sat on the Prešern square while waiting for our train back home. I also bought some Jeffree Campbell Lita dupes from H&M and I remember trying them on and walking around the train in them. I was pretty young and my style was a disaster back then but I was one of the few girls in my class that cared about what I wore to school so much.

I was always interested in fashion but I didn’t always had the courage to wear what I want. I started expressing myself more when I got to High School. I was really into blazers and looking classy. I still have a ton of blazers and shirt from that time which I rarely wear now. If you look at some of my old posts you’ll see that my style had changed to much over the years but I’m happy that I stopped obsessing with what to wear to school tomorrow and make sure I did my makeup perfectly. I stopped taking everything so serious and now I quite like that I’ve grown and realized that look perfect isn’t the way to live.

T H E   O U T F I T 
High waisted jeans – ZARA
Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt – try aliexpress or ebay
Leather jacket – ZARA
Belt – Stradivarius
Shoes – Converse Allstar
Thank you so much for reading x

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