Cotton Candy

Low temperatures came sooner than expected-for me at least-so I had no other choice but to pull my fur coats from my closet and throw them on over any outfit to keep me warm. I decided to post this casual, everyday outfit that I wear everywhere-to college, to work, grocery shopping…I’m wearing this cozy white turtleneck from Primark with a pair of black pants from Zara, knee high booties from Stradivarius, black leather gloves and silver necklace from H&M. Oh and this cute pink hat is from Primark as well. I’m basically in love with this fluffy pink fur coat which I got from New Yorker last winter, but because it was so cheap and cute everyone was wearing it-so I decided to shorten it. I’m not a fan of long fur coats, I had two-I redesigned this one and I don’t wear the other one at all. I prefer them short and without a collar, just like this one or the burgundy one from one of my previous posts. If you’re wondering, yes, I’m obsessed with faux fur coats. 
On another note, I’ve been so busy mainly with work that I didn’t have any time for myself. Luckily I’m off to London on Saturday-finally a work-free weekend! You’ve got no idea how excited I am to go back there again and this time with a good friend of mine who is as much of a makeup junkie as I am. I’ll definitely vlog our trip and shoot some outfit looks there (and there might even be a shopping haul). 
That’s everything that I wanted to get off my mind and share with you, now I’m going to cuddle up in my bed with a cup of tea and finally watch Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. 
Thank you for reading and see you in my next post! 
Alicia x

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