Cozy sweater

I’m back! Sorry for the long absence but ever since it got so cold here I just lost all of my motivation to go outside and shoot an outfit. It’s really difficult to shoot in such cold weather, you’re freezing + your photographer is it’s a pain in the ass for both of us. But enough of whining, I convinced my boyfriend to take a few photos of this cute & cozy outfit and even though the lighting wasn’t the best the photos still turned out great. 
Lately I’ve been feeling kind of lost, I lost my inspiration for filming makeup tutorials and to pick out an outfit and take photos of it. I also got a new job which was quite confusing to me from the start + I’ve got some exams coming up so my motivation to do anything besides go to college, work, do homework and watch movies really dropped. I’m especially lacking inspiration for my outfits because lately I’ve been wearing the same old combination everyday-a cozy sweater and black pants. I don’t put any effort in my outfits, I just pick whatever’s hanging in my closet and go. To be honest I’m not even so sure what my style is anymore. My style has been changing quite a lot ever since I started this blog but I’ve never had so many problems when it came to dressing up and posting a blog post. But I think I found my new muses, I’ve been following the same fashion bloggers ever since I started and even though their style evolved through the years they were still the same people that I’ve been seeing in my feed for such a long time now. I started exploring a lot and came across some new bloggers which gave me some fashion inspiration (Megan Ellaby and Negin Mirsalehi for example). I’m kind of tired of this “classy” look that I’ve had going on for ages now so I’ll try to evolve my style into a more 70’s, boho, retro kind of vibe which is also much easier to style in summer. 
Sorry for the long ramble 🙂 anyways, I hope you like this post and this outfit as much as I do. See ya in my next post! 
Outfit details 
(click on the brand name to see more) 
Wool hat – H&M 
Sweater – H&M 
(couldn’t find the link for the brown one)
Black pants – Zara ? 
Shoes – Zara 
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