DIY Spice up your jeans jacket

In this post I’ll guide you through the process of spicing up your basic jeans jacket with some cheap patches!


-jeans jacket (I got mine for 15eur from H&M men’s section)
-iron on patches (I got mine from aliexpress)
-kitchen towel
-sequin pineapple *here*
-sequin cactus *here*
You can find more patches on aliexpress.

Place the jacket on hard and smooth surface, preferably on an iron board. Make sure that the area where you want to apply your patch to is smooth and has no wrinkles. Place the patch on the desired part of the jacket, I decided to apply mine to the centre back part due to its size and shape.

Place a kitchen towel over the patch and make sure it stays in place. Smooth the towel and press a heated iron over it. Iron the whole surface of the patch multiple times until it’s really hot. You might also have to press the iron to the patch to insure the glue in the patch sticks to the jeans jacket. Remove the iron and gently lift the towel. Look around the edges of the patch – if you can see that any of the edges have still not completely stuck to the jacket repeat the process.
Voila! And you’re done!
It’s super easy and everyone can do it. Just please be careful and don’t burn yourself in the process.
I also decided to apply a cute little cactus to the front of the jacket but I didn’t add anything else because I didn’t want it to look too messy.
That’s it for this post, I hope you liked it!
See you next time! x

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