Double Cleansing – Why, how and which products to use

Double cleansing has been around for a while now and you might’ve seen a few of your favorite skincare bloggers talking about it. In this post I’ve put together just about everything you need to know about it!

What is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is basically a method of cleaning your face twice. First with an oil based cleanser to melt off your makeup and sunscreen and second with a water based cleanser to clean off the rest of the impurities. The method is appropriate for every skin type, even for dry skin and is recommended to be used in the evening. With normal, foamy water based cleansers we strip our skin of a lot of our natural oils which dries us out, but using this method is actually beneficial for keeping your skin moisturized.

Why should you double cleanse?

Double cleansing can be beneficial for everyone. By cleaning your face twice with two different types of cleansers you are making sure to get rid of all the dirt and other impurities that cause blockages in pores and result in acne. It’s also great if you skip washing your face with a cleanser in the morning and just use water – do the heavy duty cleaning in the evening and your skin will thank you!

How to do the double cleansing method?

Always double cleanse in the evening. It will help clean your face after wearing makeup and sunscreen for the entire day. First you need to find yourself an oil based cleanser (I write about my favorites in the next section). Apply a pea size amount of the oil or solid cleanser to your face and start massaging it it. You will start to see your makeup melt away in just a few seconds. You can massage your face for up to a minute to get rid of all the dirt and makeup. After you’re satisfied simply wash the oil away with some water. Next, grab the water based cleanser and repeat the process. I like to use my sonic facial cleanser to make it foam up more and get into all the pores. After you’re done, pat dry your skin and continue with the rest of your evening skincare routine.

My favorite double cleansing products

Oil based cleansers

Erborian Solid Oil Cleanser
Erborian Solid Oil Cleanser

My absolute favorite oil based cleansers are actually two different types. I tried out the liquid and the solid version and I love both equally. The solid version is a bit easier for traveling and doesn’t make a big mess, but the liquid one feels so nice and soothing on the skin. I’m talking about the Erborian 7 Herbs Solid Cleansing Oil and the Missha Super Off Oil. The prices are quite similar, but I do feel like you get more from the Missha one and it will last you for a long time. It’s all about preference so try it out for yourself!

Water based cleansers

Neostrata Refine
Neostrata Refine

I wrote about my favorite water based cleansers so many times on my blog, but my favorite one at the moment is the NeoStrata Refine Cleanser. It cleans the skin deeply and leaves it soft and hydrated. It doesn’t strip any of your natural oils and it’s appropriate for just about any skin type, especially if you are acne prone. Read more about it here.

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