Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sunscreen For Face SPF 50

Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face SPF 50 Sunscreen
Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face SPF 50 Sunscreen

Another month another blog post! This time I was testing out a new facial sunscreen from a well known brand Elizabeth Arden. I needed a new one ever since the Purito Centella analysis came out and it had a much lower SPF than stated on the packaging. That was my go to sunscreen, so easy to apply and very fast drying. Now I was on the lookout for something similar and I think I found it!

Elizabeth Arden the brand

Elizabeth Arden is a Revlon owned brand that offers makeup, skincare and fragrance. It was established in 1910 in a Red Door salon on the 5th Avenue. It was most known for its fragrance called the Red Door after the salon.

Elizabeth Arden’s fundamental belief was that beauty should not be a veneer of makeup, but an intelligent cooperation between science and nature in order to develop a woman’s finest natural assets. She lived by her mantra, “To be beautiful is the birthright of every woman.”

Miss Arden created skin care products that benefited, not masked, the skin. She not only promoted her concept of Total Beauty, including diligent skincare, nutrition and fitness, but lived it prudently as she persistently sought to bring a scientific approach to skincare formulations.

Miss Arden was uncompromising in her vision to create the new and absolute best products, packaging and services that women not only needed, but desired; whether it was the cult-classic Eight Hour Cream, her legendary Blue Grass fragrance, or a bold red lipstick to coordinate with the uniforms of the women serving in the armed forces during World War II.

source – elizabetharden.com

Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face SPF 50 Sunscreen

Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face SPF 50 Sunscreen
Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face SPF 50 Sunscreen

I was drawn to this sunscreen because of its high SPF and UVA/UVB filters. When I read that it was really lightweight and fast absorbing I just had to try it. Like I mentioned, I was a huge fan of the Purito Centella Sunscreen but unfortunately I had to find a new one with higher protection. I was looking for something that would be easy to apply, non greasy and would work great under makeup. I’m always in a rush in the morning so waiting 10 minutes for the sunscreen to absorb into my skin is just not an option.

First impressions

When I first tried it I was taken aback by the strong, herbal smell. It reminded me of when you put way to much oregano on your pizza or something like it! Once you get used to it you’ll love the smell. I like that it’s not perfumy, but still has a distinct smell.

When I first applied it on my skin I loved how quickly it absorbed. The texture is thicker than the Purito one, but is spreads just as easily. It doesn’t leave a white cast or a greasy feeling on your face as it is oil free.

I wore it under makeup which applied just as it would normally and it stayed on the whole day, without getting greasy or separating. It also doesn’t try out the skin, it keeps it nice and hydrated.

Sunscreen ingredients

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face SPF 50 Ingredients Analysis
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense For Face SPF 50 Ingredients Analysis – source Skincarisma

The Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense contains 6 different UV protection filters all chemical. They have a very broad spectrum for ultraviolet radiation absorption.

Generally speaking its ingredient list is good, but I would still not recommend it for sensitive or problematic skin. It contains multiple parabens and lots of fragrance, but I don’t see it as such a big problem as it never caused a breakout for me + it’s a high price product with high quality ingredients. The fragrances in higher priced products are normally not as irritable as in lower priced ones, but it’s still something to note if you have sensitive skin.

Sunscreen price per value

You can get this Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense at Notino for 25 eur for 50 ml. That packaging size is normally enough for a good month with proper use and application. I think the price point is really good in comparison to other similar sunscreens and it does the job better than most of them.

Overall opinion

I would give this Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense a 5/5 stars. It’s my go to facial sunscreen at the moment and I just stocked up on 2 more so I never run out of it!

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