Neutral Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

We’re already deep into fall and if you’re anything like me, you love fall fashion! I’m very into neutral colors all year long so when fall comes around my outfits match with the nature so well. I like mixing and matching different shades of brown and beige, putting together from casual to going out looks for cold or warm weather. Here are a few ideas for your next fall outfits.

Brown on brown on brown

My favorite color to wear in the fall/winter season is brown for sure. It’s the perfect neutral and also a good alternative to black.

This outfit is something that I’d wear to a business meeting or swap the heels for some brown trainers and wear it to work or a coffee date with my friends. It’s the perfect versatile fall outfit. I was lucky to get my hands on these amazing classy trousers that are the perfect neutral beige/brown color and also super comfy. I’ve been really into the wide leg trousers recently so this was a must have! The caramel brown roll neck has beautiful buttons on each sleeve that add that special something to the look (when you take the coat off, of course). It’s a comfy, super warm knit I wear mainly for colder days.

This coat on the other hand was a really spontaneous purchase. After the lockdown eased and I managed to fly back home from Malaga, I was so excited to see the stores open again. It was just in time for the summer sales and I came across this gorgeous, very expensive looking coat. I managed to buy if for only 15 eur, can you believe that?! The heels that I’m wearing here I originally bought for our graduation dinner in high school where I wore a cute white dress, but wanted something neutral to go with it instead of the classic, black pumps. These heels are from white suede so they’re a bit more high maintenance, but as long as you don’t wear them in the rain or step on any dirt you should be fine.

For this outfits I’ve put together my favorite classy trousers from LeGer by Lena Gercke, a cozy knit roll neck from H&M, dark brown alpaca imitation coat from ZARA and a pair of beige heels from MANGO.


Another one of my favorite neutral colors is beige and every single one of my friends makes fun of how many beige clothing I own. I always accidentally show up wearing an all beige outfit, shoes and bags in the same color too!

I love this outfit mainly for how cozy it is. The knit pants are basically a pijama that you can wear outside and no one will think you’re weird. The white roll neck is a staple in every fall wardrobe and if you don’t own one already I recommend checking out ZARA. The neutral, beige coat is something that I was looking for for the longest time last fall. I searched every store, tried on about a dozen until I found this one online and it’s still my favorite coat I own.

These boots on the other hand, f*uck! I was always a fan of doc martens, but I couldn’t wrap my mind around the flashy black soles that ruined the outfit all together. I was browsing through some online shops as you do on lockdown and I came across my dream pair of boots! At first I wasn’t sure whether to get the beige or the brown version, but I’m so glad I decided to get the beige. They’re literally everything I was looking for in a fall/winter boot. Super comfortable, waterproof and all beige, no black soles here!

For this outfit I’m wearing the coziest, comfiest knit pants from ZARA, a roll knit from ZARA as well, my absolute dream beige coat from Boohoo and my favorite purchase of the season, the beige ankle boots from Stradivarius.

That’s all for today’s post, but don’t forget to check out more fashion related posts on my blog and follow me on insta for daily inspo!


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