Festival Makeup – My Exit Festival looks

Today I’m back with a bit of a different post. I can’t believe I actually went to a music festival this year! Since this is my first festival in 2 years and after no partying due to the pandemic, I decided to go all out and do some crazy fabulous makeup looks. Read more to get some summer makeup inspo!

me and the girls at exit festival

Graphic eyeliner

The no.1 trend I wanted to try out this summer is the popular colorful graphic eyeliner. I’ve seen so many looks with different colors, shapes and textures that I just had to try it out. Ever since I binged-watched Euphoria I got so inspired to wear more crazy, out-there makeup looks. Here is a mood board of my favorite looks:

Festival Makeup Looks Graphic Eyeliner Inspo

I decided to go for a pink eyeliner makeup look. I used the NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Liner. It did the job perfectly – very easy to apply, no smudging or peeling and it stayed on the whole night! For the eyes I used the NYX Professional Makeup Ultimate Shadow Brights Palette which is my go-to palette for summer, fun looks and it also works great for Halloween.

Festival Makeup Looks Graphic Eyeliner Inspo

Glitter Vibes

Next look I always do for festival is glitter. I’m a huge fan of everything shiny and of course, I take advantage of wearing glitter for any possible occasion. I did do many different looks in the past for Sziget festival and even just for my Youtube channel. Glitter is just so fun and really easy to pull off!

The only thing with glitter is that you will probably still carry it around in your hair, clothes or on your skin for quite a while because it’s impossible to get fully rid of it. It can also be a bit painful to remove and even dangerous so always be sober when doing it! I like to remove it with my micellar water just by soaking the pads and pressing them on my eyelids for 15-30 seconds and then GENTLY rubbing it off. I remove all the residue with my cleansing oil and finish it off by cleansing my face with the cleanser.

Festival Makeup Looks Glitter Vibes Inspo

I decided to go all-in with the glitter for this festival makeup look. I did so many glitter looks, actually – I think I wore glitter every day! My favorite look was this one, the fast & easy glitter eyeliner with glitter “tears”. I used the NYX Professional Makeup Glitter Goals in the shade Style Star over my normal eyeliner that I used as a guideline. I used my trustworthy mascara from Urban Decay, the Perversion, that kept my eyelashes long and curly all night long.

Festival Makeup Looks Glitter Eyeliner Inspo
Festival Glitter Makeup

Shiny Lips

Next trend I decided to try out is the shiny lips. I saw soooo many videos on TikTok with the cutest glitter lips and I just had to do it myself. The original lipstick set was from a small USA based brand and because I didn’t want to pay so much for the shipping and tax I decided to find an alternative here. This is the look that I was going for:

Shiny Glitter Lips Festival Makeup Inspo

I went for a “simple” eye makeup look with a few glitter spots here and there, but the focus was on the lips! I found this incredible lip gloss from INC.redible Glittergasm, I used the shade Right Here. I was so impressed with how well it stayed on, even after drinking and eating all day long. It’s also super shiny and I got so many compliments! At first, I wanted to just use some regular lip gloss and put glitter over it, but I don’t think that would stay on half as long as this glitter lip gloss did. Definitely, festival approved!

Here are all of our festival looks:

festival outfit inspo

Thank you so much for reading this post and may you enjoy your festivals this or next year! Don’t forget to check out my other beauty posts and see my Sziget look here.


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