Foreo Skincare Devices | Worth the hype?

This month I decided to test out the popular skincare brand Foreo. They offer various tools for facial cleansing, massage and healing. Here is my review of their tools.

About the brand

Foreo is a swedish brand, established in 2013. They are an extremely innovative brand, offering modern solutions for modern problems. Their first product was LUNA,a soft facial cleansing sonic brush which soon became a bestseller. The company grew very fast and has now gone global with more than 3000 employees in cities all over the world.

Foreo LUNA

foreo ufo luna device review test
Foreo Luna in pink

Luna is a sonic cleansing device for every skin type. It gently exfoliates the skin with the soft, antibacterial bristles to prevent oil and dirt build up which can lead to clogged pores and acne. It comes in 4 different colors & designs for different skin types.

foreo ufo luna device review test colors acne results
All the colors of Foreo Luna

The pink one is for normal skin, it had soft, regular bristles and it also offers the anti-wrinkle massage.

The blue one is for combination skin, the bristles are bigger on top and smaller on the bottom for easier cleaning of excess oils and pores all over your face.

The purple one is for sensitive skin, the bristles are ultra soft and tiny, so no irritation occurs when cleansing.

The turquoise one is for oily skin, it has square-like bristles that help clean every bit of excess oil on your face and leave you looking stunning.

The Luna has 2 year warranty and is easily rechargeable with the included charger. The battery lasts up to 7 months which is incredible and you only need to charge it for one hour for a full charge!

I’ve been using my Foreo Luna for over a year now and I can confidently say it has changed my skin forever. My skin is so much cleaner and smoother after I’ve started using it and I experience way less acne and oiliness. You can read my acne journey here and it all changed when I started using this magical tool.

You can get the Foreo Luna for a special price on Notino.

Foreo UFO

foreo ufo luna device review test beauty skincare
Foreo UFO in pink

The UFO is a revolutionary device that changed the face mask game forever. It works as an amplifier for face masks by using the modern warming technology to push the actives in the mask below the skin surface and boost their effectiveness. Beside this, it also offers the quick cooling for pore shrinking and reducing puffiness, LED lights for anti-aging and skin healing, and their signature T-Sonic massage to relax facial and neck muscles.

It comes in 4 colors and is easily rechargable – one charge will last you up to 40 uses. Beside the full version, they also offer the UFO Mini, which is a travel-friendly version at a more affordable price. The design is so incredibly beautiful, it looks amazing in my bathroom!

foreo ufo luna device review test
Foreo UFO in pink

The use is very simple, you control the device via an app where you can also store data of your previous treatments. After pairing with the app, you can choose which treatment you want to do, attach the mask to the device and start gliding it on your skin. The app allows you to creat your own, custom made treatments, especially tailored for your skin.

Foreo offers a large selection of face masks to use with your device, which makes it perfect for any skin type, even sensitive skin. You can get the Foreo UFO at Notino for a special, Black Friday discounted price.

Thank you for reading my post and don’t forget to check out more of my skincare related posts x


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