How I curl my hair

How to curl your hair

People always ask me how I curl my hair so I decided to put all the answers in one post so you can read it anytime you need to. This is a step by step tutorial with some tips that I learned after many years of curling my hair and will come in handy if you’re doing it for the first time.

I normally curl my hair right after I dry it and wash it. My hair is naturally very thick and dry so I only wash it every 5-7 days and the curls last just as long. If you have thinner and softer hair, it might not last as long for you.

What I use

For effortless, wavy hair I use the BaByliss PRO Curling Iron which has a 32mm barrel. I prefer to curl my hair with this because the curls appear more natural and beachy instead of stiff and crunchy.

the different hair curlers
Different type of hair curlers and the curl result

I also use the Orofluido Beauty Original Elixir oil right after washing my hair, after I’m done with my curls and every other day if my hair needs a bit of a pick up.

Orofluido Beauty Original Elixir oil
Orofluido Beauty Original Elixir oil

Step by step tutorial

  1. section you hair into 6-10 sections

The more sections that you make the more wavy your hair will be. If you want more subtle curls you can take bigger sections and vice versa. 

2. take a section and curl away from the face

Wrap the selected section around the barrel but make sure you wrap it facing the back of your head and not your face. This will make the curls look more natural. 

3. continue till you’re done with all the sections

If your hair is shorter at the front or you just want a bit more curls you can always go over the smaller front section once again. 

4. add some hair oil 

The last step is to add some hair oil, hair spray (optional) and softly brush through your hair. 

This is all for this post, ask me anything down below or on instagram. See you next time x

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