Hi my lovely readers! Today I’m back with a new post – this time a collaboration with Ana Sajovic, this amazing photographer that saved my ass this week so I have something to publish. The photos turned out amazing, like I said in a previous collaboration with Anastasija it’s so interesting to have different photographers take photos of you because you get to see the whole new perspective of yourself. Anyways, enough of me rambling on, enjoy this amazing photos and scroll down if you want to read more about this post.

Me and Ana decided to explore my hometown Celje and we came across some amazing shooting locations. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much from this shoot – don’t get me wrong, Ana is a great photographer but I’ve never really looked into shooting locations here so I wasn’t sure how they’ll turn out. But in the end I’m very satisfied with these photos, the lighting was amazing and this yellow top really came through for me today. I had no idea what to wear and I tried on multiple outfits but since most of my clothes are in Ljubljana I couldn’t really do anything else but to put on this cute top and some shorts. I had no idea that this would turn out so amazing.
I was thinking about how much my style has changed ever since I started blogging. I randomly clicked on a video from Freddy and ended up stalking her blog and instagram for some outfit inspo. I used to dress up all pink and girly just like she does but now I rarely even wear a dress or heels. I’m more into casual streetwear now, even though I like to put on something super girly glam when I’m feeling it.
– The outfit – 

*please note that the slides are not actually Gucci but a replica from Ego and that the top comes in multiple colors*
Check out Ana:
instagram @asajovic
facebook page *here*
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! x

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