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Hello lovelies! 
I’m back with a new post. This time I decided to write a review about some of the Colourpop items that I ordered a while back. I linked everything I bought down below. If you’re interested – keep on reading!
Colourpop was established in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. They create inexpensive and cruelty free cosmetics. 
I wanted to try out their liquid lipsticks for a while now and because I could only spend 22$ without having to pay any tax I decided  to go for these two and try out some other products as well. Even though they were super busy with all of the promotions I still recieved my package on time – in 10 days. 
I purchased two Ultra Matte Lips  in the shades Bianca and Viper and they were 6$ each. When you ordered over 15$ worth of products you could also choose a mini version of a Ultra Satin Lip which you got for free. 
Now let’s talk about the products. 
Bianca, Viper and Dopey
Bianca on top and Viper on bottom
They swatch nicely and the formula feels super soft and not streaky at all. 
I love these shades – especially the darker one, Viper. The formula is a bit drying and it gets uncomfortable if you wear it through the entire day. But it suits my skin tone and it sits nicely on the lips as you can see on the photo below. 
Bianca on the other hand is really streaky and patchy when applied on the lips. I’m not really a fan of this shade on my skintone as well – it’s got this grey undertone that makes me look even more pale and “dead” haha. As you can see on the photo below it also dries weird and settles into fine lines. When I was trying to blend it into my lips with my finger to fix it everything just started separating and it looked even more horrible. Would not recommend. 
Here are the swatches with Dopey so you can see the comparison between all of the colours: 

Dopey, Bianca and Viper
On the other hand I really love Dopey. It’s a gorgeous color and formula the only downside is that it transfers when you’re drinking or eating. I wish I ordered more Ultra Satin Lips because I prefer this formula to the matte lips. It feels moisturizing on the lips and it lasted the whole day. 

Next we have the Super Shock Shadow in the shade Nillionaire. Unfortunately it came smashed and detached from the pot. When I emailed their customer service they kindly sent me a coupon code for 5$ because obviously shipping costs for shipping out only one 5$ worth eyeshadow from LA to Slovenia would be too much. I received the email in a few hours after I emailed them so I can also tell you that their customer service is fast at responding and fair. 
 I haven’t had the chance to try out this eyeshadow on my eyes yet but it feels really smooth and as you can see from the swatch it’s quite pigmented and glittery. 
The last thing I ordered was the Brow Pencil in the shade Dope Taupe. I swear by my ABH Dipbrow Pomade but since I don’t want super snatched brows everyday I decided to give this pencil a try. It’s really good for achieving that natural brow look and it’s good for layering as well so you can achieve bold brows as well. The tip is super precise so you can even draw on some fake eyebrow strokes. The only thing is that I’m scared I’ll run out of it super fast because it seems like you use a lot of product even when you’re doing natural brows. 
 Brow Pencil in shade Dope Taupe
Here are some selfies of me wearing the lipsticks and eyebrow pencil:
Wearing Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Viper & Brow Pencil in shade Dope Taupe 
Wearing the Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Bianca & Brow Pencil in shade Dope Taupe 
Wearing the Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Dopey 
Ultra Matte Lip
shade Bianca (here)
shade Viper (here)

Ultra Satin Lip
shade Dopey (here)
Super Shock Shadow 
shade Nillionaire (here)

Brow Pencil 
shade Dope Taupe (here)
So that’s it for my Colourpop Cosmetics Review. Let me know if you enjoy this kind of reviews and if you would like me to do them more often. 
See you on Sunday with a new outfit post! 
Thanks for reading x

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