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I used to hate pink. I wore it a lot in elementary school but my schoolmates called me a Barbie for my blonde hair alone and I didn’t want to push it by wearing pink. None of my schoolmates wore it back then for this particular reason. It made me look “too girly” so I just started avoiding it. I just recently started wearing it a lot more than before. I fell back in love with it when I found the perfect pink fur coat. I started buying more and more pink pieces because it went great with my light blonde hair and it made me feel good. I still get called a Barbie from time to time but to be completely honest – I do not care about other peoples opinions anymore. It’s much easier to come to that sort of a mindset when you’re in college and no one really cares about you or the way you look that much anymore.
I had quite some social anxiety issues for being such a shy and introverted little girl but I managed to overcome most of it even though I must say I still struggle sometimes. For example when I dress up in an outfit that I really love and decide to wear it out in public I still get insecure and I feel like everyone is staring at me when they walk pass me. I try to ignore it most of the time but if it’s really bad I just don’t have the courage to wear that outfit again for a while.

I developed this “I don’t give a shit” attitude over the past few years and it’s been easier for me to wear bold outfits and not care about what people think. I once read this post somewhere on social media about this “fake it till you make it” concept. It’s basically a concept where you keep telling yourself every positive thing you can think off and that kind of makes you forget about all of the negativity. The more you “fake it” the more you realize that the little things that used to make you feel insecure about your appearance, the way you dress or speak are absolute garbage and mean nothing in the real world.
I see so many girls in their teen years craving for likes and followers just to feel good about themselves. But you can tell when someone’s thirsty for likes and only doing it for attention. I used to follow loads of that kind of girls and they were quite popular on social media as well but something seemed off about the way they presented themselves to the public. I prefer to see real, raw pictures over super edited and staged photos.
There are also so many fashion and makeup gurus in the YouTube community that try to maintain their “perfect” image and use I don’t know how many filters and skin smoothers on their videos to appear flawless. Not a lot of those young girls who are just starting to like and idolize those gurus realize that most of it is fake. None of those gurus have a perfect life, none of them are flawless and none of them show everything online. And I don’t blame them, don’t get me wrong.
I know the struggle of trying to keep your life private but succeed as a fashion or beauty blogger at the same time (not saying that I am successful because I’m really far from that). Even I only show you what I want you to see. I don’t show you when I’m covered in acne, with greasy hair, eating tons of junk food, lying in my bed all day doing nothing productive. I don’t share all of my emotions with you because I am a private person. I don’t talk about private stuff here or anywhere on my social media because it’s none of anyone’s business. I realize that the image I present to you on my social media is only a little piece of me and that there’s a lot more to me than just my photos. The entire concept of social media is about showing the best of you to the public but that doesn’t mean I support it. I still try to keep it as real as I can.
I got kind of off topic here, didn’t I?
Oh well, let’s talk about this outfit. It’s one of my go to’s in summer when it super hot and I really don’t want to wear pants so I just throw on this flowy pink skirt, a simple top and in case it gets chilly I add on a jeans jacket. I normally wear my black/white converse with this outfit to dress it down a little bit because this skirt can make you look overdressed in no time. I like to dress it up with some heeled sandals as well but if I’m going for something more casual I just like to wear this.
For the accessories I choose my beloved hoop earrings (that I’ve been wearing non stop ever since I got them) and a shiny diamond choker to spice up this outfit.
T H E   O U T F I T
Pink Tulle Skirt – ZARA
Basic White Body – Stradivarius
Jeans Jacket – ZARA
Shoes – Converse Allstar
Hoop earrings – Blingbling (use my code ALICIA for 10% discount)
Choker – here 
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Thank you for reading.
See you on Sunday. x

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