The perfect summer scent – Replica Beach Walk

The perfect summer scent – Replica Beach Walk

Today I’m back with a different, a bit more editorial post. I was really inspired by this scent that I ordered so I decided to do a little shoot based on it.

I was doing some research about summer scents because my current favorite, the D&G Dolce Garden is more of a nighttime/winter scent for me. I came across the Maison Margiela perfumes. I was really drawn towards this one, not only because I was looking for a summer scent but also because of the story behind it.

All of the Maison Margiela perfumes from the replica collection come with a background story. The main idea of a scent are photos and emotions of certain memories that are carefully transformed into a perfume. This one, Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk is basically a memory of a beach walk in Calvi, Italy preserved in a perfume. It’s a really light scent that takes you right back to the beach and makes you daydream about your next vacation.

The bottle is a really simple design that resembles vintage pharmacy style bottles with all the information written on a piece of cotton fabric.

The most noticeable notes of this scent are definitely coconut, ylang-ylang and muck. It also contains top notes of bergamot, pink pepper and lemon. The middle notes are one of my favorite combos ever – the ylang-ylang, heliotrope and coconut. The base is also right up my alley with musk, cedar and benzoin.

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