Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner – The best products ever?

olaplex no.3 no.4 no.5 no.6 no.7 shampoo conditioner oil bond repair review

If you know me, you know I love testing out new haircare products. I’ve tried everything, from the cheap drugstore versions to Kerastase and Schwarzkopf Professional. A while back I had an appointment at a hairstylist for the first time and he really recommended me to try out the Olaplex Shampoo. Here is my review after using it for a month.

About my hair

olaplex no.3 no.4 no.5 no.6 no.7 shampoo conditioner oil bond repair review

My hair type is dry, I wash it every 7 days, and it doesn’t get really greasy on its own. I have a blonde balayage with my natural hair color on top, so it’s half natural and half dyed. I recently cut my hair from really long to a long bob. My ends were really damaged from all the bleach and heat over all these years so not all shampoos worked for me. Some literally made my hair feel super dry and messy. I also used to use purple shampoo to even out my yellow tones because the sulfates in some of the shampoos made my hair really yellow and brassy.

My experience with Olaplex

I first tried Olaplex when a hair salon invited me for a deep treatment with Olaplex salon products. My hair was really long and quite ruined from the bleach so I didn’t really expect much. Safe to say I was actually really surprised how shiny and soft my hair felt after the treatment! My hair is naturally really thick and rough, not soft and smooth, but it felt completely different after this treatment.

Later I purchased the Olaplex no.6, the at home treatment for hair bond repair for colored hair. At first I was a bit sceptical since the bottle is really small and I have so much hair, but it turned out you only need a little for it to work. I used the whole bottle and immediately repurchased it because I liked it so much. My hair really felt so much smoother and healthier, like the damage from my years of coloring was slowly fixing itself. I continued using it every other month and I feel like it really helped my hair.

Olaplex N°4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

I must admit I was very skeptical before trying out this shampoo. I usually stay away from overhyped products because I work in marketing and I know what good advertising can do for a product that might now really even be that good. As I mentioned before, a hairdresser recommended it to me at my appointment and he said he swears by it. I just purchased another shampoo and even though I liked it, I didn’t feel like it was the best out there. So I took a chance and ordered the Olaplex N°4 Shampoo.

At first I was really impressed how thick it was, not runny like most of the other shampoos I tried. I used a small about and it foamed up so much when it came in contact with water. But it wasn’t the normal soft foam, it was super rich and thick, like it doubled in size and foamed up at the same time. I washed my hair and was pleasantly surprised at how soft it felt even without the conditioner. It didn’t strip my hair at all or tangle it like some other shampoos I tried.

I have now used this shampoo 4 or 5 times and it’s become a definite favorite. I use the smallest amount so I feel like it will last me forever, even with my thick hair. It makes my hair super fresh and nourished, not heavy and rough.

Olaplex N°5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner

I tried this conditioner for the first time a few months ago, but I bought the smaller version. I liked it, but I didn’t feel like it was anything special. When I bought the shampoo however, and used both of them together, I really liked the results. Olaplex products are made to complement each other to give the best results and I really feel like you need to try out the whole line to get the best results possible.

Olaplex N°7 Bonding Oil

I first tried out this oil when I was making content for an online store and they sent me this product for free. At first I was like – “is this a joke, there’s only 30 ml of oil in here?”. I was honestly really shocked to see such a small amount of product for such a high price point, I mean 30 ml for 20 eur sounds ridiculous. Well, now it’s been over 6 months since I got it and I still have about a quarter of it left. You really need the smallest amount of this oil, even if you have super long and thick hair.

I like to use it on washed, wet hair and let them dry naturally halfway. Then after I blowdry it, I apply the oil again for some extra shine. I use it every other day or so, just to bring some shine back into my hair and nourish it a bit, especially my ends, because it gets so dry. I don’t personally think it’s the best oil out there, but it’s pretty good. There are definitely better oils out there, but they come with a much higher price, so I think this is a nice middle for quality vs price.

Overall opinion

olaplex no.3 no.4 no.5 no.6 no.7 shampoo conditioner oil bond repair review

I’m really impressed with Olaplex products so far. I feel like they’re worth their price, even though I still wish you could get the N.3 Hair Perfector in a bigger size. I hate repurchasing it every month when I could just buy it once and it would last me much longer so I could actually use it as often as you’re supposed to.

Where can you get Olaplex products?

You can buy Olaplex at specialized hair salons and some online stores, but after extensive research, I found that Notino has the best prices for Olaplex products. They even offer bundles with two or three of Olaplex products so you can get it even cheaper. I don’t have a promo code for Notino unfortunately, but they have discounts and different offers with free shipping quite often so look out for that.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to read my other hair related posts x


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