Paddywax candles – Worth the money?

Paddywax candles – Worth the money?

Paddywax La Playa

I’m a huge fan of candles and making my home feel as cozy as possible. Over the past year I’ve tried quite a few different brands and candle scents so today I’m reviewing the Paddywax candles.

About Paddywax

Paddywax is a US-based company, with all their candles made in Nashville. They use soy wax which is much better for our health than paraffin wax, which is widely used in most candles today. They offer a large variety of different smells with unusual combinations that take us on a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. They are dedicated to creating candle vessels that are not only beautiful but can also be repurposed after the candle has been burned. From flower pots, margarita glasses to jars, you can be sure not to throw your candle away when it’s done.

Soy wax vs paraffin

Paraffin is the most widely used kind of wax today. It has become popular around 1867 when scientist first used it for candles. It can cause a serious health hazard if burned regularly, from eye to skin irritation to lung problems. By burning paraffin wax you are releasing toxic chemicals into the air such as benzene, toluene, naphthalene, tri-decane, tetra-decane, penta-decane, and hexadecane. Burning candles made of paraffin releases soot. Some studies suggests that the smoke from your paraffin candles is similar to diesel engine exhaust.

Soy wax on the other hand produce less soot and chemical toxins when burned, so the smoke is clearer. It’s also a greener alternative to paraffin plus the wax burnes much slower. Due to the clearer smoke, the smell of the candle is stronger as well.

Paddywax La Playa Collection

Paddywax La Playa

La Playa is a fairly new collection of Paddywax candles. Following their previous examples of making repurposable vessels, these candles come in margarita glasses and small glass serving plates. Each candle comes with a quick & easy recipe, either for a margarita or a guacamole. The smells are true to the name, that beach, sea vibe when you just feel like having a few margaritas and chill in the sun with your besties.

I got the Amber + Coconut candle in a margarita glass. I love how complex their scents are – they have multiple layers just like perfumes. The notes of this candle are:

Top Notes: Black Coconut, Bitter Lime, Spiced Bergamot 
Middle Notes: Smoked Patchouli, Vetiver, Velvet White Petals
Base Notes: Dark Amber, Tonka Bean, Musk, Sandalwood

It smells very summery, warm, and calming with a hint of sandalwood and musk, definitely my kind of a scent. I’ve noticed that it burns much slower than my other candles and the smell is more intense. My apartment is quite small so it can be a bit overwhelming if I leave it on for too long. Otherwise, I love how it looks, quite neutral but the glass itself is really beautifully made. I’m also super excited to use the glass for cocktails.

Worth the price tag?

Paddywax La Playa

Paddywax candles are quite expensive. They range anywhere from 22 – 45 eur for bigger candles. I’ve noticed that soy wax candles come with a higher price, so this price seems fitting. I personally burn a candle almost everyday and I want to invest into cleaner, non toxic candles so I don’t have to worry about the health repercussions. Even other popular candle brands are not that much cheaper for it to be worth it, so in my opinion, the price is definitely justified. I also love how Paddywax makes sure the vessels can be used for something else after the candle has been burned, such a clever idea and you get 2 for the price of one!

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