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When I was still really young and also really stubborn, I thought I knew everything about everything. I was so confident that my way of thinking is the only right way and if anyone tried to doubt me or tell me I’m wrong I would still insist that I’m right.

Lately I’ve been thinking about myself and my personality a lot. I used to be really shy, always shut in my own little bubble and never really knew how to make friends. I bet I came across as bitchy and unfriendly a lot. But now that I’ve been through some stuff that swept me off the ground and made me doubt everything I once thought was right or true, I’m a completely different person.

Being in a relationship for 3 years and then breaking up made me realize how independent I actually was (no shade towards him, we’re still really good friends). I was stuck in this miserable, stubborn mindset and I didn’t let myself grow. Now that I’ve been single for quite a while I feel like I’ve grown out of my shell and started being more open minded. It was tough at first, not having someone by your side 24/7, losing the thing that made me who I was back then. Getting out of that relationship made me more free, I was able to focus on only myself for the first time in a while. I love pleasing people and making them happy so I sometimes forgot to take some time for myself. Now i realize that my happiness is just as important as everyone else’s and that growing and evolving is a part of being alive. I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago, hell, I’m not even the same person I was a week ago. We all learn something new everyday and we all improve daily. 

Thank you for reading my thoughts! 

Also, can we just talk about my eyebrows?! I’m obsessed with this natural bushy brow look. Thanks to Brow Bar One, I now have the most amazing brows ever. 


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