Ripped denim

Hello lovelies!
Today I have a special artsy outfit post for you guys shot by my dear schoolmate Lara Oset. We shot this a while back when it was still rainy and not as hot as it is now. This was my go to outfit back then and still is if it’s rainy and a bit more chilly.
Anyways, if you’re interested in what I’m wearing scroll to the bottom!

I’m currently super busy with trying to handle two jobs and my exams but I will do my best to keep on posting some content on the blog. I’ll try to include more makeup and skincare reviews and try posting it on Wednesdays but outfit posts will still be scheduled for Sunday.
I’ve stopped posting as much on instagram as you could probably tell and it’s because of all of the updates that are messing with what we see on our news feed. So instead of focusing my energy into posting more and trying to get my instagram back to normal I just decided to stop caring and post less but still maintain a cohesive feed.
Mom jeans – Primark (similar here & here)
Basic white short sleeve top – Primark
Long cardigan – Primark (similar here)
Belt – Stradivarius (similar here)
Choker – handmade
Lara Oset – instagram
Thank you for reading! See ya next time! x

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