Summer vibes

It was such a sunny day when we shot this that I was actually hot when I was wearing my leather jacket so I had to take it off. I even wore this off-shoulder crop top and I wasn’t feeling cold. I can’t wait for summer and I know I’ve been raving about how much I want it to be summer already in my last few posts but it makes me so happy when it’s sunny outside. 
I’ve been very active on my blog lately but I just don’t have the inspiration or motivation to film videos. I’m moving out in about a week so I hope I’ll be able to film more there. 
My instagram engagement also changed so much in the past two weeks, I have the same reach as before but somehow people just stopped liking my posts? It’s really strange but ever since the Instagram changed its algorithm everything changed to worse I feel. 
Anyways, after we were finished shooting our outfits we took our longboards and went for a drink at this cute coffee place called Lockal. I had prosecco with rose lemonade and it came with real rose petals in it. It was so cute and yummy + the weather was perfect!
Another thing before we get into outfit details – slovenian online store blingbling kindly sent me some jewelry to feature it in my posts so make sure to check them out and if you find something you love be sure to use my code ALICIA for some discount!
T H E   O U T F I T
Off shoulder crop top – H&M
Jeans – ZARA
Leather jacket – ZARA
Platform sneakers – H&M 
Mirrored sunglasses – Primark
Earrings – Blingbling
Thank you for reading. x

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