Sunny Málaga – My experience here

My first month in Malaga is quickly coming to an end and I thought I’d put together this post to share my thoughts and how I find living in Malaga so far.

I moved here in the last days of January to do an Erasmus+ Internship at a tour company. My main job is to create content for their website and social media but they also offer photography related experiences to tourists such as a photo shooting experience and a photography workshop.

When I found this internship online I was so excited – it seemed like a dream job to me. I put together my portfolio, cover letter and CV, emailed it and hoped for the best. The next day I got a response that they were interested to work with me, we scheduled a skype interview and I got the internship! I was so so so happy and it was honestly a dream come true. I always talked about how I wanted to move to Spain at least for a little bit and I was over the moon that it was actually going to happen. I started looking for an apartment and then it was time to pack and go.

The first few days in Malaga were hectic to say the least. I felt a bit out of place and confused, but it was normal – I moved to a whole new country of course I’m going to feel confused! Not speaking spanish didn’t help as well, but at least I understand some basic just so I can communicate since almost no one here speaks english very well. I was happy to learn that there were 10 more erasmus students working for the company as well so I wouldn’t feel so alone and had some friends to explore the city and hang out with.

The first week of work wasn’t that busy, I just got used to the way things work around here and didn’t really have any photoshoots or workshops. Over the next few weeks I took photos of all the famous streets, squares and monuments in Malaga – for blog and social media. We also went on a few tours led by my coworkers, took some photos of that as well and got to know Malaga a bit better.

I was very excited but also very nervous for my first photo shooting experience but it honestly couldn’t have gone any better. We were so lucky with this client, she wore the most gorgeous vintage dress which looked so good with any kind of background. I then started a new instagram account – aliciasmnc where I’ll be sharing my favorite photos from these shoots. I’m still learning all the basics of being behind the camera but I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ll make a dedicated portfolio page on my blog as well so I can share my photos with my potential clients and you can view them in HD.

Me and Barbara also took these photos at the stunning La Termica – it’s so much fun working with a new photographer!

So far I’m loving this experience and I already don’t want it to end! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram to keep up with my adventures in sunny Spain! See you soon x

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