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New outfit post, yay! 

New year, new me? 
It’s nearly the end of January, the first month of 2018. I spend my New Year’s eve at home, watching TV. I didn’t feel like making big deal out of it and I was certainly not up for clubbing and getting drunk. My instagram was disabled for more than a week over the holidays and I got my fair share of stress during that time but at least I stayed off social media for a few days. I wasn’t really looking forward to reading New Year’s resolutions from other people – New Year New Me bullshit. Whatever you want to change about yourself whether it’s going to the gym more often or starting to respect yourself more – you can do it on any day. Start today, don’t wait for another year to come around so you can start over. It annoys me so much when I see people trying to force themselves into fulfilling the resolutions at the beginning of the year and giving up after a month or so. But if it makes you happy when the new year comes around and you write a list of things you want to improve or do this year, that’s fine, you do you. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. 
The only thing I changed in the New Year New Me spirit was the domain of my blog. I decided to drop the  “alicias.xyz” and buy “aliciasimonic.com”. It’s easier to find since it’s got my whole name and surname in it and it doesn’t have that annoying “xyz” at the end – I only bought it because it was much cheaper than everything else haha. I hope you like the new domain! 
And for this outfit, you won’t believe me when I say so but it only cost me around 60 eur all together. I often find good quality sweaters and turtlenecks on aliexpress and this time I found this gorgeous cashmere & wool mix sweater dress which cost me 20 eur. I was also on a hunt for a pair of affordable over the knee boots in suede and in a grey or a camel color when I came across these on aliexpress as well – they were just under 25 eur. This bag was from ZARA sale and it cost me from 10 – 15 eur, I’m not entirely sure. Oh and for the sunglasses, they’re from aliexpress too, for around 3 eur. It takes a while to find the stuff that you’re looking for that’s actually good quality and you have to wait about a month to receive the items but in the end it’s all worth it. 
I just love how this outfit came together, the dress is the perfect length to be worn with over the knee boots and it’s also super warm. I can’t wait to wear it more in the upcoming spring. I also love the colors, I rarely wear neutrals and I don’t know why because I feel like it looks good me and it’s easy to style with just about anything. 
T H E   O U T F I T

Cashmere & Wool mix sweater dress – here
Over the knee grey suede boots – here
ZARA bag – n/a
sunglasses – here
P.S.: the prices tend to change a lot on aliexpress depending whether you’re shopping on a computer or on their app (the app has more discounts and deals). You can check my post about shopping on aliexpress here
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