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If you know me, you know I love my perfumes! I try at least one new perfume per month ever since my obsession started. I’m a huge fan of deep, woody scents and I love to see how these notes are incorporated into a lighter, day wear perfumes.

Versace Crystal Noir
Versace Crystal Noir

I was on the lookout for a new spring perfume. My trusty Replica By the fireplace just didn’t give me that summer vibe that I was looking for as it is a fall/winter perfume and it was time for a change. I was looking for something sweet and woody, with just a hint of floral – if you can’t tell, I’m not a big fan. I’m so pleased I found the perfect spring scent for me!

Crystal Noir Description

For me, this Versace Crystal Noir is an embodiment of spring. Not many people may feel this way but coming from someone that’s a fan of deep, smoky scents this one is quite light and refreshing. At first it smells kind of like a really fancy floral and powdery body wash, the one you’d get at VS. A mixture of gardenia and soft coconut. When it dries down a bit you finally get to smell the sweetness of the coconut, some musk and sandalwood. It’s my new day to day perfume and the longevity is amazing! You smell fresh and sweet all day long and I’m still able to smell it on my clothes after a whole day at work.

Main accords versace crystal noir
Main accords

Crystal Noir Notes

Buying perfumes online can be tricky, but I managed to learn how to get a feel of it through my trustworthy Fragnatica website. I like to check the notes of the perfume and compare it to some of my all time favorites, just to see if it’s something I’d like.

Versace Crystal Noir Notes
Versace Crystal Noir Notes

The top notes of the Versace Crystal Noir are quite spicy if I may say so. Pepper, ginger and cardamom make this perfume from a basic, light floral scent to a new level with some added spice. You can’t really smell them too much in my opinion, maybe just at the first spritz.

The middle notes are all florals – gardenia, peony and orange blossom with a creamy addition of coconut. The florals are not everbearing, they are super soft and not that “flowerly” and fresh at all. I think it’s the coconut that adds that sort of a creamy and powdery scent to it so the flowers are pushed a bit to the background.

Versace Crystal Noir
Versace Crystal Noir

Base notes are my favorite sandalwood, followed my musk and amber. This makes the perfume deeper and mixes so nicely with the floral notes. Even though woody notes can make a perfume feel heavy and more of an evening scent, that’s not the case here. They add a bit of depth and help with longevity, but they don’t overbear the lighter notes.

Overall I’d rate the Versace Crystal Noir a 10/10 for a spring scent! It’s definitely something to try out if you’re not such a fan of florals or lighter spring perfumes.

If you want to learn more about perfumes or how to choose your signature scent, check out my Perfume 101 post and follow me on instagram for more content x


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