New Signature Scent? Versace Oud Oriental

Versace Oud Oriental perfume review notino

Today’s post is about a perfume again, what a surprise! I’ve been looking for a new everyday scent that’s appropriate for all seasons, unlike some of my other perfumes. Read more about why I love the Versace Oud Oriental.

After purchasing the Versace Crystal Noir I looked more into Versace’s perfumes and discovered this one. It wasn’t available in any stores in my city and when I googled it, it didn’t seem to be too popular. That’s a plus for me since I tend to stay away from popular perfumes that everyone wears.

Perfume notes

Versace Oud Oriental perfume review notino

The all gold bottle with the Versace medusa logo drew me in immediately and made me look more into this fragrance. Anything oud-y and golden draws me in right away. I checked my trusty fragrantica website to see if the notes are something I would like since I couldn’t try it in real life. On the website this perfume was my perfect match. It has it all, the woodiness of the agarwood and sandalwood, some additional depth with the leather and some sweetness with the vanilla in the base notes. The middle notes are mainly floral, even though in my opinion the florals are very mild in this perfume. You can smell a hint of rose and patchouli, but otherwise this is a really smooth, powdery perfume with an extra layer of woody. Oud Oriental is the perfect name for this perfume and the bottle fits the scent so well.

Perfume vibes

Versace Oud Oriental perfume review notino

To me it smells how I expected the Chanel no. 5 to smell – expensive and luxurious. The woman that wear this perfume is put together, extremely elegant, warm and kind. An entrepreneur or otherwise successful woman that’s her own boss, but has a soft and warm feel. She wears lots of neutral colors and black, gold accessories and leather.


Versace Oud Oriental perfume review notino

Some might argue this Versace perfume is more for colder months and evening events, but to me this is the perfect everyday scent. I will see if I’ll prefer something lighter for the summer, but I will keep this for evening events for sure. It has that oriental sexiness to it that’s not too obvious but still draws you in. I find that Versace perfumes are really long lasting, I still smell them on my skin even after a full day of work.

Where to get it

I buy all my perfumes from Notino. It’s a website that has the best prices and offers such a broad spectrum of perfumes. From niche perfumes to the most popular bestsellers, you can get it all there. They even offer smaller samples so you can try it out before buying the full size.

That’s all for today’s post, don’t forget to check out my other perfume posts!


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