Why sunscreen is just as important in winter │ My favorite sunscreens

sunscreen winter

Sunny days or rainstorms, sunscreen is a MUST for everyday, every hour. Read all about why you should wear it everyday, no matter the weather, and which are my favorite sunscreens.

UVB rays

UVB rays or also known as burning rays are a type of ultraviolet rays that cause sunburns. Those rays are stronger in the summertime, but can also cause sunburns during winter. The sun is actually much closer to earth in the winter months so don’t be fooled by all the cloudy, rainy days.

Why you should wear sunscreen everyday

Firstly and most importantly, you should wear sunscreen to minimize the risk of skin cancer. In my teenage years I’d always lay out in the sun all day and forget to reapply sunscreen. My habits have definitely changed now, I don’t even like being out in the sun that much, but I’m always really careful to reapply sunscreen as often as possible.

The second reason to wear sunscreen everyday is to slow down the degradation of collagen. This process of collagen degradation causes your skin to look wrinkly and old, which I’m sure none of us want. Fun fact, 90% of the aging is caused by excessive exposure to UVB rays.

The third reason is because the snow and ice reflect the UVB rays. That’s why it’s so easy to get a sunburn when you’re skiing and it’s recommended to use a stronger spf.

The last reason to wear sunscreen daily is because the ozone layer is thinner in winter months. The ozone layer normally absorbs most of the sunrays, but because it’s thinner in the winter you’re actually more likely to absorb more ultraviolet rays in the winter.

My favorite sunscreens

sunscreen winter

Ever since getting into the skincare a bit more I also had to do my research about sunscreens. I tried a bunch of them and discovered which work for me and which don’t.

My absolute number 1 sunscreen is the Purito Centella Green Level sunscreen. It’s a really light sunscreen that doesn’t leave any kind of white marks and it looks more like a moisturizer than a sunscreen. Besides the high spf 50 it’s also really moisturizing but oil free, so it’s perfect for oily or mixed skin types. If you want a more detailed review you can check out this post.

My other favorite is the Clinique Mineral Sunscreen Fluid spf 50. It’s got more of a sunscreen type of a texture and it takes a bit longer to absorb but it doesn’t bother me much. I like it because it comes in a big tube and it really goes a long way.

That’s all for today’s post! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy and I’ll see you soon x


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