YSL Black Opium – Worth the hype?

Black Opium is a popular perfume by YSL and if you’re into perfumes, I’m sure you’ve heard of it at least a dozen times. It’s slowly becoming a classic, must have evening scent. Let’s look into why it’s such a sought after perfume and if it’s worth the hype.

YSL Black Opium review bottle price scent notes smell opinion
YSL Black Opium

About YSL

You might better know Yves Saint Laurent as an iconic fashion house. The founder of the brand, Laurent, started as a tailor at Christian Dior and was named the head of Dior after Christian’s death at the age of 21. Later, he got drafted into military service and lost his position at Dior, but came back and founded his own company. He was well known for his exquisite tailoring and women’s suits – he was actually the first one to design a women’s tuxedo.

Perfumes were a big part of the brand as well. The first scent named “Y” for women was released in 1964, followed by many other female and male perfumes. On the fragrantica website (great source for information about pefumes) there are over 200 perfume in their directory, meaning that YSL offers a big variety of perfumes.

About Black Opium

YSL Black Opium peerfume bottle black glitter scent
YSL Black Opium

Black Opium was released back in 2014 and it was said to perfectly capture the YSL brand aesthetics. Rock n roll glam scent, that’s perfect for evening occasions, or even for everyday, if you’re a real YSL doll. It’s an easy smell, something that everyone should have in their collection and whip it out every once in a while, for those sexy dinner dates.

It’s most appropriate for fall and winter, as it can be quite heavy for hot summer days. I find the longevity to be great too, as I can still smell it on my clothes the next day.

Perfume notes

source: Fragrantica

Top notes:

The top notes are pear, pink pepper and orange blossom. These are not as strong, you can smell the pear and orange blossom slightly, and pepper adds a bit of spice.

Middle notes:

The middle notes are coffee, jasmine, bitter almond and licorice. You can definitely smell the bitter coffee which ties all the sweetness together nicely, without it being overbearing.

Base notes:

The base notes are vanilla, patchouli, cedar and cashmere wood. Vanilla is really noticeable, while cashmere wood gives it that cozy, comfy dry down.

You can read more about notes and how to choose a perfect perfume for you in my Perfume 101 post.

Overall I would describe this smell as an evening classy rock chic scent. I think it perfectly describes YSL as a brand and can be worn by just about anyone. Here is a little moodboard of what kind of aesthetics I imagine would go great with this perfume.

YSL black opium review aesthetics worth the hype scent opinion price buy
YSL black opium aesthetics

To me it smells like sweet vanilla mixed with cashmere, something floral and spicy. I think the kind of a girl that would wear this on daily basis definitely loves Paris, wears jewellery everyday and it always put together. High heels, black eyeliner leather blazer, little black dress, golden necklace and rings, glitter dresses, white wine and champagne – that’s the vibe.

My opinion

I think Black Opium is an amazing perfume. At first I was a bit hesitant whether I should purchase it or not because of the big hype and the fact that every other person knew and owned this perfume, but I’m glad I got my hands on it. It’s such a timeless scent that goes great with every look and really adds that little something special to your outfit. Truly a classic.

Where to get it

My favorite place to get perfumes is Notino. They have the best offers for perfumes at incredible, unbeatable prices. Black Friday is coming soon and Black Opium will be on sale among many other perfumes and cosmetics. Current offer is 59,90 eur for a 50ml bottle and I think that is such an amazing price for this classic, must have perfume.

Thank you for reading this post! See you soon x


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