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Since a lot of you have been messaging me about Zaful and the quality of the bikini that I ordered from them I decided to answer your questions here instead of replying to all of you individually because that would take me way longer. 
1. How long did the shipping process take? 
It took around 15 days, maybe a little bit more for my package to arrive. The processing time was about 5 days. 
But please keep in mind that every order is different and since it’s coming from China there may be some complications and your package may be stuck at customs for a while. 
2. Is it true to size? 
I normally wear a size XS in swimwear but because S was the smallest size I decided to go for it and it fits me perfectly! You can also measure yourself to see which size would fit you best. Beware, the sizes are chinese and not european. 
Here’s the link to the sizing chart:
3. How is the quality of their swimwear? 
As many of you might have heard / read on social media the quality is not excellent. I was prepared for that and I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I received my package. The material is thick and it seems to be of good quality. I have just received it and I probably won’t have the chance to test it in water till summer but I will give you an update asap.

The quality of both of the pieces that I purchased from them is AMAZING. It’s basically the same quality as H&M and other brands that are in that price range. I would definetly recommend it! 
4. Which one did you order?
For all of you who didn’t see it on my instagram story, here’s the link to the item:
If you have any other questions, please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. 
Thank you for reading x 

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