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If you know me, I have probably asked you about your zodiac sign and if you know your birth time. I’ve been researching about astrology for a few years now and I’ve learned so much about myself and the people around me through that. That’s why I wanted to incorporate astrology on my blog as well. I had a random idea a few days ago about how fun it would be to make a blogpost with perfume recommendations for each sign, so here we are!

How to chose a perfume based on astrology?

People normally only know their sun sign because you don’t need your birth time and natal chart to figure it out. But there is so many more layers to your personal astrology than just the sun sign. By knowing your exact birth time (by that I mean by the exact minute, as the rising sign changes every two hours) you can easily calculate your birth chart on numerous websites (for example

The key placement that we will be looking at today is your Venus sign. Venus, a planet of love and money, and ruler of the signs Taurus and Libra. It’s the first placement you look at when you’re trying to see how a person loves, what kind of a taste they have and what makes them happy. It also tells us how they spend their money, what kind of gifts they buy and what they value in life. That’s why we can easily determine what kind of perfumes people like just by looking at their Venus sign. It’s even better to combine it with their rising sign as well, but to keep it simple i’ll only focus on the Venus sign in this post. Since Valentine’s day is around the corner, it’s a great idea to check out the Venus sign of your loved one before buying a perfume gift set, so you can be sure to get it right! Also, do note that this post is my personal opinion based on the experience I have with these perfumes. Let’s get into it!

Aries Venus

Aries Venus Perfume zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart
Aries Venus Perfume

Aries is a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is known to be an aggressive, powerful planet and people with Aries Venus tend to be very direct and even daring in love. They’re playful and youthful, they don’t take things too seriously and they are quite spontaneous and adventurous.

The perfume notes that immediately come to mind are warm spicy and woody notes for sure. Pink pepper, amber, wood.

Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace

The first perfume that comes to my mind when I think of Aries Venus is this one. I fell in love with it as soon as I bought it because it gave off such a strong, powerful vibe. I wrote a whole post about this perfume before and I mentioned how it almost burns a little when you first smell it due to the pink pepper top notes. It’s a unisex perfume, which I think is perfect for a fiery masculine Aries sign.

Taurus Venus

Taurus Venus Perfume zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart
Taurus Venus Perfume

The planet Venus is at home in the earthy sign of Taurus. Tauruses are always effortlessly beautiful and have the best taste, my best friend can attest to that. They like stability and comfort, and they avoid fast-paced and unpredictable situations as they like to be in control. They move slowly and are very dependable and sensual.

The perfume notes that remind me of Taurus are definitely sweet, floral and lots of vanilla.

Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb

Definitely my go to Taurus perfume recommendation. The gentle white floral notes mixed with musk and vanilla create the perfect Venusian scent that every Taurus will love. A true flowerbomb.

Gemini Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart gemini venus perfume
Gemini Venus Perfume

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication is a very mutable Venus sign. Quite opposite to Taurus, they don’t like to be too comfortable, they prefer to be spontaneous and it’s quite hard to keep them tied down or get them to settle. They constantly need something new, whether it’s new adventures or new partners. Definitely the biggest players and flirts in the astrology game. Because of their ever changing personality, they also tend to change their perfumes quite often, depending on what kind of a person they are at that moment. Still, there is one perfume that screams Gemini Venus to me.

Moschino Gold Fresh Couture

Fruity notes mixed with florals, vanilla and wood – a chaotic mixture perfect for Geminis. A very interesting scent indeed. Not for everyone, as you definitely need a unique personality to pull this one off, but because of its versatility and unique notes I believe it’s a perfect perfume for Gemini Venus.

Cancer Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart cancer venus perfume
Cancer Venus Perfume

The water sign of Cancer, ruled by the moody Moon is such a cozy, loving Venus sign. Cancer’s love language is definitely acts of service as they love spoiling you, and also touch, as they love cuddling and physical contact. They can be a bit shy at first, but as soon as you get them out of their shell they will spoil you with love. They like security and are quite emotional and sensitive. They have strong attachment to their home environment, so they are true home buddies and prefer nights in.

Maison Margiela Replica Beach Walk

As Cancer season is in the summer, I believe that Beach Walk is the perfect Cancer scent. So soft, yet still so intoxicating. It smells like summer and comfort in a bottle. The fresh opening, followed by the notes of coconut, musk and cedar make this scent so lovely.

Leo Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart leo venus perfume
Leo Venus Perfume

My personal Venus sign so I must say it’s my favorite. The fiery Leo sign is ruled by the Sun, so it always attracts attention, even unknowingly. Leos want to feel special and adored, they have an eye for expensive, luxury things and they never settle. Their love is loud, so you will 100% know when a Leo Venus is in love with you. They love to shower their loved ones with gifts and spoil them with luxuries. They are confident and they put a lot of effort into looking their best, as it’s very important for them.

Versace Oud Oriental

Even the bottle of this perfume screams Leo. It’s the perfect everyday scent for Leos as it’s basically a very luxurious, clean, but still quite a loud and strong perfume. One of my absolute favorites in the spring/summer time. The rose notes mixed with saffron, freesia, oud, sandalwood, vanilla and leather make this scent perfect for the luxurious Leo Venus.

Virgo Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart virgo venus perfume
Virgo Venus Perfume

Hands down the pickiest Venus sign, good luck trying to impress them. Ruled by the Mercury and being a mutable sign sure makes this sign very interesting. Unlike the Leo Venus, they don’t do grand gestures or try to impress you with expensive gifts, but they rather offer their love by remembering little things about you and offering their advice. They fall in love very slowly and softly, without too much commotion. They’re not too loud about their love, but they will show you how they feel through the little things they do for you.

Chloe Chloé

Chloe is a very soft perfume, that fits the Virgo Venus perfectly. It’s a wonderful scent without being too overwhelming or too out there. A classic, safe purchase that will certainly satisfy the picky Virgo. Notes of peony, rose, lychee and magnolia, mixed with amber and cedar smell divine in this perfume. It also comes in a gift set 😉

Libra Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart libra venus perfume
Libra Venus Perfume

Venus is at home in Libra, and it being a cardinal air sign makes it so much more special. Libras are the true beauty queens, you will recognise them a mile away as they will be the most stylish person in the room. They love to love, and they love balance. Many of the Libras learn most of their life lessons through relationships, that’s why they always seem to be coupled up. They don’t ask for much, but they will love you with all of their being. They’re big flirts as well.

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

A true embodiment of a Libra Venus that’s almost as sweet as them. A very lovable scent that will attract you from miles away. Subtle notes of pear blossoms, gardenia, jasmine, brown sugar and patchouli make this perfume so lovely and sweet.

Scorpio Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart scorpio venus perfume
Scorpio Venus Perfume

A very intense fixed water sign ruled by the authoritarian planet Pluto. Even the people that don’t know that much about astrology tend to know how intense Scorpios are. Their love is very strong, sensual, deep, and can be overwhelming to some. They are very committed and devoted to their partners and they love extremes. They can be quite the jealous type, but as long as you offer them security they’re nothing to be feared of.

Gucci Intense Oud

Just as the name states, this perfume is perfect for this intense sign. It is a very strong scent, perfect for such sensual beings. Notes of oud, incense, wood, leather and amber just scream Scorpio. It’s one of my favorite perfumes to wear when I feel confident and I have never received more compliments on a perfume.

Sagittarius Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart sagittarius venus perfume
Sagittarius Venus Perfume

Another fiery Venus, this time a mutable sign ruled by the lucky planet of Jupiter. This sign might not have the best reputation when it comes to relationship, as they are quite non-commitional and they need their partner to be very adaptable and always open to new things. They get bored very fast, but if you can keep up they will take you on the most wonderful adventures and make you laugh every step of the way. They love to learn and are very philosophical, so deep talks are a must.

Byredo Gypsy Water

A truly unique scent for a truly unique Venus sign. Sagittarius’s are true nomads, so even the name of this perfume fits them to a t. Although they like to change their mind often and experiment with different things, this scent is a staple for big Sagittarius placements. Notes of juniper, pepper, incense, sandalwood, vanilla and amber, make this perfume a one of a kind mix of ingredients that somehow work together and create the most intoxicating smell. I fell in love with this perfume when I bought a sample and it’s still my go to when I want to stand out from the crowd.

Capricorn Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart capricorn venus perfume
Capricorn Venus Perfume

Capricorns are the true earth signs, and being cardinal gives them that confident boss vibes. Capricorn Venus is know as a “sugar daddy” Venus sign because they offer stability, have a strong aura, and are very competent. They are quite conservative, serious, and goal oriented, so looking for love is definitely not at the top of their list. They want to provide for their partners and they love helping them achieve their goals. When a Capricorn Venus loves you, they will let you know, without beating around the bush. They don’t have time for games and like to take the initiative.

Diptique Philosykos

I think this perfume fits Capricorns perfectly. It’s woody, earthy, and quite subtle. A gentle scent for people that don’t like to experiment, but like to put on a bit of something. Lots of people mention how it smells really nostalgic, and takes you to a place you’ve never been before, but feel nostalgic about it. Notes of fig, coconut, wood and cedar make this perfume soft, sweet, but still very much natural.

Aquarius Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart aquarius venus perfume
Aquarius Venus Perfume

Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by the unpredictable planet Uranus. They are the trend-setters, people that always seem to be a step ahead and they pave new ways in our society. Their love must have an aspect of intellectual conversations, open-mindedness and uniqueness. They don’t like rules or conventional, cheesy relationships. They appreciate their freedom so it’s not easy to pin them down, and most of all they are looking for lovers that are their best friends. They need space and also give you space, they’re not possessive at all. The thing they hate the most is being put in a box, people trying to define who they are, and people who mock their visionary dreams for the future.

Juliette has a gun Not a perfume

Aquarius placements definitely stay away from trendy and hyped products. They lean towards unique scents that are more lowkey and not a lot of people know about. Even though Not a perfume is a known perfume, it’s still just as unique as the Aquarius’s. The name is a bit confusing, as it is a perfume, just not your classical perfume. It doesn’t contain any notes, it just has the molecule Ambroxan and Cetalox, which adjust to your own personal body chemistry, so it smells different on everyone.

Pisces Venus

zodiac perfumes astrology natal chart pisces venus perfume
Pisces Venus Perfume

The sweet, mutable water sign of Pisces is ruled by the mystical planet of Neptune. They are very sensitive and very sensual as well. They love you deeply and unconditionally, but they also tend to live in their own imaginary world a lot, so it’s sometimes hard for them to be faced with reality. They might not be the most reliable sign, as they themselves don’t really seem to know who they are and rather float through the world, but you can’t deny that being loved by a Pisces Venus is a truly incredible experience.

Ariana Grande Cloud

The sweetness of Pisces love can only be truly expressed through this perfume. It’s a very popular one, nearly always sold out, but it’s truly as amazing as everyone says. It smells like the most delicious dessert, without it being too overwhelming, it just simply draws you in. Subtle notes of lavender, whipped cream, coconut and musk, make it so dreamy and very Pisces.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I had lots of fun putting this together. Let me know your Venus sign and if you’ve tried any of the perfumes I mentioned!


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