I was lucky enough to be invited to the ZOOFA event where we got to explore various slovenian designers, put together some outfits and take pictures.

When I got an invite from ZOOFA to join them at the event I was quite surprised to be honest and even more when I realized that they invited only a few bloggers. I don’t get invited to events as often as some other bloggers so I appreciate every invite a lot. I’m so happy when a brand picks me to be on their PR list or invites me to events – I’m often surprised to be recognized by those brands and it makes me happy to see that the work I put in my pictures and posts is worth it. Let’s talk about ZOOFA now.
ZOOFA is a store where you can shop from various slovenian designers – from clothing to useful arts. They don’t support mass production and stay true to the designer’s ideas. You can read more about them *here*.
When I first saw the email I had no idea what ZOOFA was to be completely honest. I’m not a huge “fashion-week lover” nor I get invited to the shows so I don’t really keep up with any slovenian designers. This experience really opened my eyes and I was blown away by how much talent we have in our little country.
I fell in love with the entire idea behind the brand Janja Videc. Her entire collection was made from organic cotton and every collection has its own story and vision behind it. Here’s more about the brand:
“Janja Videc acts in accordance with the new approach in fashion – it doesn’t hold the seasons accountable and doesn´t specify the age groups or specifications – it´s meant for each and every individual to integrate it into his or her own wardrobe. Brand is based on individuality in accordance with the vision of a world, where every individual is free to live and create his own reality. We operate socially responsible, local and sustainable. Avoiding the seasonal changes, we are resisting the commandments of the marker and color scaling, since brand is based on monochromatic color scale, natural fabrics, minimal aesthetics and it´s wearable in many different ways.For each Janja Videc collection, there is a strong archetypal  story derived from observing the contemporary society, spirituality, and art. All clothes are made in Slovenia.” source: About – Janja Videc 
I put together this outfit which includes a shirt dress from Janja Videc and a cute pink coat from Patricia Pie. I originally fell in love with a burgundy coat and trousers but I didn’t manage to grab it fast enough because it was already in the hands of two other bloggers haha. But I’m sure I’ll get to shoot it some other time.
T H E   O U T F I T
Shirt dress – Janja Videc
Pink coat – Patricia Pie
Shoes – Pull & Bear
P H O T O G R A P H Y 
Nike Koležnik

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